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Most married couple take efforts to resolve their differences and save their marriage. When any of the efforts made by one or both the partners do not work, then the most preferred option by the couple is a divorce to legally end their marriage. When one files for divorce, they need to submit various documents in the court. It is important that the person opting for divorce submits these documents correctly, so that it does not cause more trouble and delay in their divorce. It is advisable to take help of an attorney. To choose the best lawyer from several proficient Arizona divorce lawyers can be a difficult task.

It seems sensible to hire an Arizona divorce lawyer in the following cases:

  • If there exist a genuine problem with respect to substance abuse, sexual abuse, child custody issues, and spousal support issues, then in such cases, the lawyer can arrange to safeguard the client and their children
  • If the spouse is displaying a vindictive nature or is being dishonest to such a degree that you cannot adjust with, then your interests would be protected by a lawyer
  • If your spouse has a lawyer and you do not have a lawyer, then it is tough and emotionally threatening to face a seasoned professional
Arizona divorce lawyers at little or no cost

Those who do not find a lawyer affordable should approach a local legal aid office. If the applicant qualifies economically, the lawyer would at least speak about the legal aspects of the case and you can represent yourself during the proceedings. The lawyer might provide answers to questions that you may need answers to, during the further proceeding of your case. The applicant ought to inquire if the legal aid office supports a pro bono program. There may be a list of private lawyers in this office who are not reluctant to handle cases referred by legal aid, by charging a small amount of fees or by charging no fees at all.

Couple can use a single Arizona divorce lawyer

The husband and wife can be jointly represented by a single lawyer in the below mentioned cases:

  • The lawyer is needed only to perform the paperwork
  • The applicants accede to take the services of 1 lawyer in writing
  • The applicants acceded regarding the major issues
  • The applicants have confidence that the minor issues can be handled without the intervention of a lawyer
After hiring a single lawyer, if some disagreement takes place between the couple, then ethically the lawyer has to shift one of his clients to some other lawyer. In some cases, it may happen that the lawyer has learned some issues about the couple due to which it does not seem fair to continue representing one of them. Then, the lawyer must shift both the clients to other lawyers.

Information needed by the divorce lawyer

  • The reason of the breakup
  • Is the applicant certain that the marriage must be ended or is a visit to a lawyer a wake-up call to the spouse?
  • Is there a clandestine desire for reconciliation?
  • The applicant must submit the following data regarding self, spouse, and children (if any) such as name, maiden name, home address, work address, telephone numbers, age, place of birth, social security numbers, state of physical and mental health, green card, and immigration papers (if applicable).
  • Details of previous divorces of either spouse (if applicable) such as place and date of marriage, final decree of divorce, and prenuptial agreement copy (if applicable)
  • Presence of any sort of abuse in the marital relationship. This enables the lawyer to attain orders of protection for the spouse as well as the children.
  • Copies of pending or past garnishments, judgments, bankruptcy suits and lawsuits
  • Assets and debts in the marriage i.e. financial data

The fault divorce handled by divorce lawyers in Arizona are as follows:

  • Abandonment (1 year at least)
  • Adultery
  • Sexual or physical abuse cause by the spouse to the other spouse, or to the children or to any family member staying in the same house
  • Felony conviction that has resulted in imprisonment or death
  • Alcohol abuse or habitual drug intake
  • The couple staying separately for at least two years and there are no hopes of reconciliation
  • When both the spouse agree to end their marriage

The Arizona divorce lawyers must be proficient in understanding the complexity of their clients case, the divorce related issued that they may face during the proceeding of the case. It is the duty of the lawyer to provide correct guidance to their clients.

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