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As per statistics in Arkansas, there were 2922 marriages in January 2001 and 2857 divorces in December 2003. Therefore, it can be considered that the Arkansas divorce lawyers are extremely busy and in demand. The person filing a divorce, must choose a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer, who can provide appropriate guidance to their clients. The lawyer should be updated about the latest changes in divorce laws in the state. The attorney should provide details about the laws in this state and explain legal terms to the clients.

These lawyers assist applicants in the following 3 ways:

  • Research of any alterations in the Arkansas judicial marriage law
  • Filing of all court cases pertaining to divorce
  • Registration of all assets to be separated
Why does one needs a divorce lawyer?

During divorce process, there are several legal documents that one needs to draft and submit in the court. There are several forms that one needs to fill. It is important that the person opting for a divorce, fills and submits all the documents correctly, so that the divorce proceeds smoothly. As the divorce process might cause financial as well as emotional stress, one needs appropriate guidance to proceed with the divorce. There are several issues regarding which the divorcing partners have disagreements about such as child custody, spousal support, visitation rights, property distribution etc. A divorce lawyer can guide their clients appropriately in such cases.

Reasons for divorce that are handled by Arkansas divorce lawyers

Let us have a quick look at some of the points related to divorce handled by Arkansas divorce lawyers.

  • Impotency of either spouse at the time of contract
  • Conviction of either spouse due to felony or other grave crime
  • Adultery by either spouse after marriage as mentioned under the state's divorce law
  • Habitual drunkenness for 1 year
  • Spouse is found guilty of barbarous or cruel treatment that would risk the life of the other
  • Spouse has offered indignities to an intolerable extent as mentioned under divorce law
  • As per the divorce law in the state, if both spouses have resided apart and separate from each other for 18 consecutive months, then the court provides an absolute decree of divorce. The separation of the spouses may be due to fault of either party or both parties or the mutual consent of either parties or the voluntary act of one party.
  • If one of the spouse lawfully obligated to assist the other and intentionally failed to do so although possessing the ability to offer the common necessities of life as specified by divorce law
  • As per the divorce law, the court offers a decree of absolute divorce if the sane spouse produces a petition that the other spouse has incurable insanity due to which both of them have resided separately for three continuous years. However, there must be evidence that the insane spouse has been admitted to an institute committed to the treatment of the insane for 3 or more years before the suit has been filed, the court of competent jurisdiction has endorsed that the spouse is of unsound mind and has not adjudicated the discharge of this insane spouse and the proof is endorsed by one of the physicians or the superintendent of the institute.
    • The court requires that in case of all decrees under this subdivision, the plaintiff shall arrange for the maintenance and care of the insane defendant as long as he or she is alive.
Importance of divorce lawyer

One generally finds that the divorce and related family law issues like visitation, child custody, and child support are genuinely tough topics. It is identical to embarking on a safari through the jungle without an experience guide. One should not step in the jungle of family law in the absence of a lawyer so that issues like the child's future, the relationship of the parents with the child are not risked. The best method of finding divorce lawyers in the state is through referrals. The prospective applicants must contact those who have been through divorces in the state and if this is not feasible, then may contact Arkansas bar associations for recommendations.

The Arkansas divorce lawyers should have complete understanding about divorce laws in this state. The attorney needs to meet their client, collect information, and understand the complexity of their client's case. It is important that the attorney provides right guidance and help their client get a divorce. The person appointing a lawyer needs to explain their case, reasons for divorce, and other issues to the lawyer correctly so that the lawyer is able to provide correct guidance to them.

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