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The first step to divorce would be getting a good divorce lawyer. Whether the divorce is with mutual understanding or a contested, there are several legal procedures that one needs to go through. Therefore, one needs to get a good, knowledgeable divorce attorney. The California divorce lawyers should have through knowledge about the legal divorce laws in this state. If the couple filing to end their marriage have children, then they need information about child custody laws. If the divorcing partners do not agree on the child custody terms and the child custody case has to be further taken in the court, then the attorney can provide appropriate guidance with reference to child custody and visitation rights.

Why does one need a divorce attorney?

Along with divorce legal work there are other legal procedures that one needs to deal with such as division of liabilities and assets, child custody, visitation rights etc. It is important to have all these details in written, the court does not recognize verbal agreements. It is essential that all the legal documents are drafted correctly. Choosing the right divorce attorney will help to reduce stress during the divorce process.

California has its own divorce policies in the northern as well as southern part. There are many causes of divorce like:

  • Incompatibility
  • Abuse
  • Conflicts
  • Arguments with in-laws
Irrespective of the reason, several issues are at stake in a divorce like property, finances, and children (if any). The applicant desires that the outcome should be fair for all those involved. In order to attain this aim, it is essential to hire a divorce attorney, who is aware of all the policies.

Real estate rules to be followed by California divorce lawyers

As per the divorce rules in the state, the property of the couple, who have filed for divorce, is regarded as the community's property and this is divided evenly amongst the two parties. An exception to this is the property gained prior to marriage. The division of such a property depends on the agreement between the couple. The attorneys whom the couple hires should be conversant with this sort of rules and the associate rules pertaining to the divorce cases.

Family counseling through California divorce lawyers

In the situation of a divorce, if children or other dependents are involved, the lawyer whom the applicant has hired must be capable of providing a family counselor. The function of this counselor is to help the family in understanding the choice of divorce. If an abusive relation is the origin of the divorce, then the counselor assists in empowering the spouse to undergo a court hearing or to stay at ease.


At times it happens that the attorney that one spouse has hired fails to handle the case. At this juncture, networking comes into play. The failed attorney must be able to refer his client to some other attorney. Another alternative would be to take some tips from another attorney in case the court proceedings have progressed too far. An efficient attorney would be successful in networking with colleagues and collecting the essential data. The attorney should be able to handle the divorce proceedings even if some major issues arise.

Family law

When the marriage is not successful and divorce is the only road ahead, the applicant must ensure that the attorney who is hired is exposed to all the aspects of the California law. If minors are involved in a divorce, it becomes a really delicate issue. Custody of children is a complicated matter, particularly if one is fighting against a negligent or abusive parent. It is essential to mention what can happen to the children, if they are left with such a negligent or abusive parent and the advantages that the children can reap from the other non-abusive caring supportive parent in spite of a divorce.

It is an easy task to find a lawyer in this state, but it is equally tough to select the right attorney. Whether the attorney is famous or not is not such an important issue. However, it is mandatory that the attorney must be able to deliver. The prospective applicant must retain his needs as well as the important aspects of the case in mind while searching for an attorney. It is found that in such circumstances, networking is of use. Also it would be of great help, if the applicant is in contact with people who are familiar with attorney and can recommend them. The California divorce lawyers that one appoints must be well-versed with the divorce proceedings in this state.

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