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In Colorado, the only ground to apply for a divorce is irretrievable breakdown of marriage. Even though the divorcing couple might be aware about the divorce grounds, they need the help of divorce attorney, who can help them to file their divorce papers correctly and guide with the further proceedings. To find and hire the right attorneys, you need to do research about divorce attorneys through your friends and family members. The person getting divorced should be aware about the legal divorce process and all the documents that he or she needs to submit in the court. All such guidance is provided by the divorce attorney. While hiring a Colorado divorce lawyers, you should be aware about the proficiency and knowledge of the attorney that you choose as well as they should have a prior experience of handing divorce cases.

A divorce attorney is a family court attorney who has specialized in divorce issues. The divorcing couple or their children may need counseling. The divorce attorney should be competent to provide a counselor to the divorcing couple. The case of child custody must be handled with care as the children of the divorcing couple may go into depression. In such situation the children of the divorcing partners need counseling. In such a situation, the divorce attorney must be able to provide a child counselor.

Services of Colorado Divorce Lawyers

The initial step is to meet individually with every prospective client and assess the client's unique situation. The skilled attorneys meticulously explain the procedure of divorce in the state. They can immediately identify the prominent issues in the divorce and convey those to the client.

The process of divorce can begin, if the party has met the jurisdictional requirements of the state. At the beginning, a petition is filed by both or one party. This petition is served upon the opposing party. Then, there are statutory deadlines for trial management, discovery, and exchange of economical data. Upon request by one or both parties, the Court may release orders that outline the responsibilities of the parties till the case is not over. Moreover, while the court proceedings are in progress, settlement negotiations may be observed by the parties. They attempt to resolve the matters amicably, so that there is no necessity for litigation.

If the divorcing partners are not successful in reaching an agreement on the issues, then the case has to be compulsorily tried in court. Frequently, it has been observed that a Final Decree is entered after many months have passed since the start of the case. As per law, the Court cannot enter a Decree of Dissolution till minimum 90 days have passed after service on the opposing party had begun. After the court enters the Decree of Dissolution, the divorce becomes final.

After the divorce, it may happen that one of the spouses fail to meet the reasonable financial needs. So, as per the law of this state, the attorneys have to deal with the issue of maintenance or spousal support.

Assistance to Colorado Divorce Lawyers

The parties have to face division of the marital assets and debts in the process of divorce. Valuating and dividing these assets is a relatively simple affair in some cases. However, in issues where there are business interests, intangible or unique assets, substantial real estate interests, complex retirement funds and huge estates, the attorneys need the assistance of financial experts. These experts correctly value these assets and offer consultation services pertaining to the lawsuit.

In case of those parties having minor children, it is essential to determine the allocation of parenting time, parental responsibilities, and child support. So, in highly contested custody cases, the optimum interests of the children are assessed by experts. These offer recommendations to the court regarding the above mentioned issues.

Colorado does not have a dearth of attorney firms that are reputed for excellence and have an expertise in family law. The state has several highly skilled attorneys, who are assisted by professional and knowledgeable paralegals. This combination is ready to face the toughest and highly contested divorce issues. These are an unbelievable resource for divorcing couples in the state. The Colorado divorce lawyers that one chooses, should be able to deal with the demand of the job and help the divorcing couple in filing for divorce and facing divorce trails, if any issues come up during the divorce proceedings. There may be issued related to property division or child custody that may come up. Hence, while selecting an attorney, one should find a divorce attorney, who has expertise in divorce process as well as divorce related issues trials.

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