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The divorce lawyers in Connecticut are quite busy as it is proved by the following statistics. In January 2001, 1005 marriages took place in the state and 838 divorces occurred in December 2003. The Connecticut divorce lawyers assist their clients in all issues pertaining to divorce. It is important to choose the appropriate attorney, who can understand the complexity of your case and provides appropriate guidance.

Points to remember when you have a meeting with the divorce lawyer

It is important that your meeting with the divorce lawyer is productive and you are able to clearly state your divorce case to the attorney. You can ensure this by following the pointers provided below:

  • Make sure that you get all the documents photocopied before showing or submitting them to the lawyer
  • It is essential to keep the originals separate from the photocopies. The original documents related to divorce are important. Hence, you need to store them at a safe place
  • You can make use of a file or large envelope to carry photocopies of documents that you need to show to the lawyer
  • Plan your meeting with the lawyer appropriately. Make sure that you have enough time at hand to discuss your divorce and the complexity of your case. It is important that you do not provide any false details and discuss all your problems with the attorney. Discuss all the issues related to divorce with the lawyer such as custody of child, visitation rights, property division etc.
  • Before you meet the attorney make a list of question that you need to ask the attorney. It is important to plan the meeting before hand, so that you do not miss on discussing any important points.
Types of divorces handled by the divorce lawyers in Connecticut are as follows
  • Absolute divorce
  • Limited divorce
An absolute divorce is granted due to marital misconduct or any other statutory cause that has sprouted after the marriage. Due to an absolute divorce, both partners become single again. An absolute divorce means a judicial termination of marriage. On the contrary, in a limited divorce the marriage is not dissolved. As the right to cohabitation is lapsed, this divorce is also called as a separation decree. However, there is no change in the status of the partners after the divorce.

Issues handled by divorce lawyers in Connecticut

The general issues linked with divorce cases that the lawyers have to handle are:

  • Annulment
  • Child custody
  • Legal separation
  • Child support
  • Alimony or spousal support
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Marital property division
  • Visitation rights
  • Post judgment matters
The functions of the lawyer in this state are:
  • To file all court cases pertaining to divorce
  • To research the changes made to Connecticut judicial marriage law
  • To register all assets that are to be divided
Divorce Documents in the state

For an uncontested divorce, it is essential that some documents are filed with the court in the state, so that the divorce procedure is started and finalized. A partial list is furnished below:

  • Marital settlement agreement
  • Notice of automatic court orders
  • Divorce complaint
  • Summons
  • Connecticut filing instructions
  • Advisement of rights
  • Divorce answer
  • Appearance
  • First Order of Notice (if the defendant is residing outside the state)
  • Parenting time of minor children / schedule for visitation
  • Affidavit concerning children (addendum for more than 2 children)
  • Case management agreement
  • Financial affidavit of defendant
  • Financial affidavit of plaintiff
  • Order to withhold income for child support (optional)
  • Parent education program - order, certificate and results - defendant
  • Parent education program - order, certificate and results - plaintiff
  • Order to maintain health insurance for minor children
  • Divorce judgment
  • Divorce report
  • Child support schedule
  • Support guidelines and worksheet

The grounds of divorce that are handled by Connecticut divorce lawyers are no-fault divorce due to irreversible break up of marriage or if the married couple have stayed separate for the period of 18 months. There are nine-fault based divorced grounds that are handled by the Connecticut attorneys.

The Connecticut divorce lawyers solve the issues in a confidential and sensitive method. The clients are usually benefited due to the experience of the lawyers in financial and child custody disputes. It is the foremost duty of the lawyer to plead for the best interests of the children while at the same time retaining the interests of the client. To have a discussion regarding the steps in the Connecticut divorce or legal separation, the client must contact lawyers for consultations. Frequently, it is observed that a lawsuit cannot be prevented; however divorce and family law mediation are also recommended by lawyers as an alternative to court cases.

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