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Divorce is a legal process and the person filing for divorce may need the help of a divorce lawyer to understand the complexity of his or her case. During divorce proceeding, one needs to submit several documents in the court, a divorce attorney will be the right person to help their clients in an appropriate manner. If any major issues arise during the divorce process related to property distribution or spousal support or child custody, then the lawyer can provide appropriate guidance to their clients. The Delaware divorce lawyers must have knowledge about divorce laws in the state.

A big step in the divorce process is the selection of a lawyer. Usually, the following methods are used by people while choosing a divorce lawyer.

  • Consultation of a family friend
  • Taking the recommendation of a coworker
  • Searching online or in a directory

There are certain tips which if followed would prove useful in choosing the best lawyer.

  • The experience of the lawyer should match the area of law in your particular case
  • The lawyer must have a good standing. Use Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings to enable to check what opinion other lawyers have about your selection. These ratings depend on the qualifications, experience, skills, and ethics of the lawyer
  • Use Client Review Ratings to determine the experiences of other people with a specific lawyer. This is done on the basis of service and relationship components like value for money, quality of service, and responsiveness

Grounds of divorce handled by divorce lawyers in Delaware

As per Delaware divorce law, a divorce might be granted if the marriage is irretrievably broken and it is impossible that reconciliation may take place. The characteristics of an irretrievably broken marriage are as follows

  • Separate living due to incompatibility
  • Separate living due to one partner's mental illness
  • Separate living due to one partner's misconduct
  • Voluntary separation

The defense to a divorce action can take place only if the following cannot be proved

  • An irretrievable breakdown of the marriage
  • The marriage of the parties
  • Jurisdictional requirements of 1504 of this title

As per the law of this state, the attempts for reconciliation before divorce inclusive of sleeping in the same bedroom temporarily and restarting sexual relations would not hamper any period of living apart and separate. The only exception is that the couple should not have occupied the same bedroom or should not have engaged in sexual relations in the 30 day span immediately starting from the date, the court hears the petition for divorce.

Getting ready to meet a Delaware divorce lawyer

After one had finalized to meet a lawyer, then it is essential to ensure that the meeting is very productive and there is an honest conversation regarding the options. There are certain issues that one must not forget. These are listed below.

  • One should make photocopies of all documents that are to be shown to the lawyer
  • All these photocopies must be placed in a large envelope or folder while carrying them to the lawyer
  • The original documents must be kept somewhere safe in the house
  • Ensure that there is sufficient time for the meeting. The reason is that the complexity of the case alters from one to another and there is need of plenty of time to reveal your problem and discuss the options
  • The questions that you intend to ask to the lawyer must be written on a piece of paper. This is vital for those having good memories, also as several people become nervous while conversing with the lawyer

Role of attorney during property distribution

In Delaware, the property is equitably distributed. If the divorcing partners are not satisfied with the property distribution, then the lawyer can guide them in taking their case further in court. The court will decide the property distribution on considering the following factors.

  • Duration of marriage
  • Age
  • Prior Marriages of both the divorcing partners (if any)
  • Health
  • Sources of income of the both the partners
  • The amount of income of the divorcing partners
  • Employability
  • Liabilities
  • Vocational Skills
  • Need of both the divorcing partners
  • Estate
  • Station
  • Economic circumstances of both the divorcing partners
  • Whether the property granted us in additional to the alimony or instead of it
  • Debts of both the divorcing partners
  • Whether the divorcing couple's property was acquired by gift
  • Other relevant factors

The Delaware divorce lawyers should be proficient in handling divorce cases and divorce related issue by providing appropriate guidance to their clients in this state.

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