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Whether a person files for contested or uncontested divorce, they may need the assistance of a lawyer to understand the legal divorce procedures. Before you handover your divorce case to the lawyer, you need to research and find out whether the lawyer has through knowledge about the laws related to divorce in your state. Hence, it is important to choose a good knowledgeable Georgia divorce lawyers that can represent you in the divorce case.

Grounds of divorce handled by a Georgia divorce lawyer

According to the law in the state, a divorce may be granted by the court for the following reasons:

  • Incurable mental illness
  • Cruel treatment
  • Drug addiction or habitual intoxication
  • Imprisonment for 2 or more years
  • Desertion for 1 year
  • Adultery
  • Fraud in obtaining the marriage
  • Impotency or mental incapacity at the time of marriage
  • Irretrievable breakdown of marriage

Marital property division and Georgia divorce lawyer

The court wish to focus on property that was amassed after the marriage took place. This clearly means that all that property that was collected prior to the marriage would continue to remain with its owner. The function of the court is to separate the non-marital property and the marital property. This turns out to be an extremely complex procedure, so the presence of a divorce lawyer is extremely essential. After the court has reached a conclusion regarding the heads that come under marital property, the next duty of the court is to divide these amongst the partners equitably. It must be bore in mind that equitably does not indicate equally. The court considers the following issues before deciding on the marital property division:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Contribution of each party to the care of the property
  • The financial condition of each partner after the divorce is made
  • The value of the property each partner would receive
  • Care of the children
  • Post nuptial agreements
  • Responsibilities from any previous marriages

If the spouses agree that certain property is rightfully others, then this is categorized as non-marital property. Non-marital property also includes property obtained from another divorce ruling, inheritance, gifts, and any property collected after judgment of legal separation. To ensure the future security of either partner, the court also considers the marketable skills of both spouses. The divorce legal team intends to have a fair representation in the court and to prevent the other partner from grabbing the property that is rightfully somebody else's.


Whenever children are involved in a divorce case, there are child custody proceedings and visitation legal matters. If the child is adequately old, the judge hears the child's request. To prevent any guilt or pressure on the shoulders of children, the court has a sole discretion regarding visitation rulings and child custody. The judge normally listens to the opinions of the parents as well as the child and considers the facts of the specific case. Then, the judge makes a final decision regarding the visitation rights. The best course of action as per the experts is to retain all siblings together.

The Georgia divorce lawyers are specialized in certain areas of legal work such as:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Visitation rights
  • Premarital agreements
  • Marital settlement
  • Paternity
  • Uncontested and contested divorce
  • Custody dispute of parents staying in different states
  • Property division

Things to do before meeting a divorce attorney

Before you meet the divorce lawyer to discuss your divorce case, you need to jot down some important points and collect some relevant documents. Your attorney should be able to understand your case and the post divorce issues that you are worried about. Here we have mentioned a list of things before you meet the attorney.

  • Note down all the points that you need to mention to the lawyer. Write down the details about the issues that you wish to discus.
  • There are several documents that you would need to show to the lawyer. It would be appropriate if you get photocopies of all such documents
  • Carry the original and the photocopies in different files or folders
  • When you take an appointment with the lawyer, you should make sure that you keep enough time aside to discuss all your legal divorce related issues with him or her

The Georgia divorce lawyers that one chooses to represent them in the court should have complete and in-depth knowledge about law related to divorce and other interlinked issues. The attorney that you choose should be trustworthy and experienced. One can research amongst friends and family members to get details about good divorce lawyer. It is essential to first meet the lawyer, discuss your case with him or her and then decide whether you are going to hire him or her to represent you during the divorce trials.

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