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During the divorce case, the divorcing person may need the help of divorce lawyer. Divorce lawyers are nothing but family court lawyer, who have specialized in divorce law. A person needs a divorce attorney not just to file their divorce papers, but also provide appropriate guidance during the proceeding of their case. It is important that the person opting for divorce and his or her lawyer are able to understand the case and the steps that they are going to take to move ahead in the divorce process. As per a recent survey, the number of people getting divorce is increasing. Therefore, the need of divorce lawyers would also increase. The divorcing person must research and choose an appropriate lawyer. The Indiana divorce lawyers should have experience of handling divorce cases and must possess thorough knowledge about divorce laws in this state.

Legal grounds for divorce managed by Indiana divorce lawyers

As per the divorce law in Indiana, the following grounds for divorce are acceptable:

  • Incurable insanity of either of the partners for a span of minimum 2 years
  • Impotence at the time of marriage
  • After marriage, conviction of one partner due to a felony
  • Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage

Property distribution rules which the Indiana divorce lawyers have to adhere to

Indiana believes in equitable distribution. The court gives its verdict on the basis of the ideology that it is reasonable and just to have an equal division of marital property. However, if this assumption is to be denied, the lawyer has to provide evidence regarding the following factors:

  • The ratio in which the property was attained by each partner
    • Prior to the marriage
    • As a gift or inheritance
  • Contribution of each partner to attain the property
  • Demeanor of the parties during marriage regarding dissipation of the property
  • Financial condition of the partners when the disposition of the property would become effective
  • Earning capacity of the parties

When the court detects that there is no or little marital property, it may award one of the partners a money judgment. This award is for the higher education of one partner and is intended to cover laboratory fees, books, and tuition. The court also considers the tax effects of the property disposition.

Residency bindings

When the petition is filed in the court for dissolution of marriage, it is expected that minimum one of the parties has been:

  • A resident of the state
  • Posted at a US military installation within the state for a span of 6 months immediately before the date the petition has been filed

Spousal support

While taking a decision on spousal support, the court considers the below mentioned factors:

  • The expenditure and period essential to attain sufficient training and education so that the spouse requesting spousal support may find suitable employment
  • The earning capacity of each spouse considering -
    • Educational background
    • Training
    • Employment skills
    • Work experience
    • Length of presence or absence from job market
  • Whether the education, training and / or employment of the spouse requesting support was interrupted due to the marriage related functions like child care or homemaking
  • The educational level of both spouses, when their marriage took place and when the petition was filed
The court may find that spousal support of a particular spouse is essential if the spouse is mentally and / or physically incapacitated to such a degree that the incapacitation affects the ability to support self. In such a case, the spousal support is felt necessary during the period of incapacity. If the spouse is a custodian of a child who's mental and physical capacity needs that the custodian should forgo employment, then the court finds spousal support essential for an appropriate period of time.

It is vital that the divorcing person understands the importance of choosing an appropriate divorce lawyer. Correct guidance provided by the attorney would prove helpful for the divorce case to move in the right direction. When one opts for divorce, there are several issues related to divorce that he or she needs to deal with. When the couple disagrees on common grounds related to such matters, they need to further pursue the trail in court, in such case they would need assistance of the divorce attorney. It is vital to collect information about well-known and experienced Indiana divorce lawyers from your friends, colleagues, and relatives. Discuss your divorce case with the attorneys and choose the attorney, who is able to understand the complexity of your case appropriately.

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