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A very important and vital aspect of divorce would be hiring the right divorce lawyer. There are several proficient Kansa divorce lawyers, who would be able to provide necessary guidance to their clients. It is therefore important to choose the right professional lawyer to represent you in the court during the divorce hearing.

Services of Kansas divorce lawyers in complex property division

During divorce, division of property can turn out to be a complex process. Unique problems can be faced in divorces pertaining to executive pensions, stock options, family business ownership, real estate investments and other investments. The state has several experienced lawyers, who can handle such issues. These lawyers are linked with a network of reasonably priced, efficient, and reputable appraisal and other experts. In a specific case, these lawyers can refer to these experts to safeguard the client's interest. These lawyers also consider the existence of non-marital and pre-marital assets.

Services of Kansas divorce lawyers in child custody

In case of a majority of divorcing parents, they are anxious about how their children would be affected by a divorce and they hope about the well-being of the children. Thus, the most crucial issues in their mind are -

  • Child custody
  • Residency
  • Parenting time

The services of a divorce lawyer are to safeguard the legal rights of the divorcing partners, then to assist these partners to co-parent the child after the divorce is granted. As per the law in this state, usually both the parents are awarded joint legal custody. Both are given the right to make major decisions in the child's life like activities, health care, religion, and education. The lawyers find that the most quarrelsome issues are regarding the residency and support of the child. They have to consider the emotional and economical effects of the various residency choices on the child and the client. The different residency choices are as follows -

  • Shared residency - half time with each parent
  • Primarily with the father
  • Primarily with the mother

The issues of residency and support can also be solved by collaboration or negotiation in case there is co-operation between the parents. It is important that the parents respect each other's and their children's right to have an ongoing relation with the other parent.

Collaborative law

Collaborative law is a relatively new method to solve child custody and family law issues. As per this law, there are 4 way meetings between the 2 parents and their respective lawyers.


As per the law in Kansas, maintenance is awarded on factors like -

  • Discrepancy between the incomes of wife and husband
  • Length of the marriage

The lawyer should have the experience, knowledge about advocacy and negotiation skills to enable a fair result and safeguard the rights of the client.

Reasons for divorce permitted in the state

  • Mental incapacity of one or both spouses or incompatibility by reason of mental illness
    • An adjudication of mental illness
    • Confinement of the spouse in an institute for a span of 2 years due to mental illness and the confinement may not be continuous
  • Failure to execute a material marital duty
  • Incompatibility

How to choose the right Kansas divorce lawyer?

  • The divorcing person can call the lawyer with whom they have worked earlier for some other legal cases and ask the lawyer, if they handle divorce cases. If the lawyer does not handle divorce case, then you can ask for reference from them
  • You can get references from friends and close relatives. You can even call you state or county bar council to ask if they sponsor any lawyer referral programs
  • When you meet the divorce lawyer ask all relevant questions related to your divorce case. Do not hide or miss any point that you would like to discuss. It is essential to find out the number of divorce cases that the attorney has handled, whether the attorney has experience of managing cases related to divorce such as child custody, property distribution, spousal support etc.
  • It is vital to discuss fees with the lawyer. Some lawyers may even charge for the initial consultation. Sign the fee agreement, one you are aware about all the terms and conditions

The Kansas divorce lawyers referred by your well-wisher may be knowledgeable, but it is important to find the appropriate divorce attorney, who can lead you in the right direction. There are several divorce grounds that are managed by divorce attorney in this state. It is the responsibility of the divorce attorney to provide essential guidance to their clients.

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