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It is an important task to hire an appropriate divorce lawyer. Before zeroing down on the lawyer, one must understand the role of the divorce lawyer during the divorce process. To know about the best divorce attorneys who can represent, you need to research about them through online websites, friends, relatives etc. Conduct a meeting with the divorce attorney and discuss your divorce case with him or her. The Kentucky divorce lawyers should be able to correctly explain the divorce related issues to the divorcing person. In the state of Kentucky, "no-fault" divorce practice makes it possible for one partner to obtain divorce, if the partner is of the opinion that the marriage is irretrievably broken. Due to this practice, after one partner has filed for a divorce, the other partner cannot do much to avoid the divorce procedure from moving forward.

Types of divorces handled by Kentucky divorce lawyers

2 types of divorces are handled by the lawyers in this state -

  • Uncontested divorces
  • Contested divorces

The features of an uncontested divorce are as follows -

  • Both partners accede to divorce
  • Both partners agree on all terms of the divorce like child support, custody, spousal support, debt, and property
  • The lawyer drafts all the required documents and there is no need to approach the court
  • As only 1 lawyer is needed in a majority of cases, a substantial amount of money can be saved
  • There is no issue on dispute

The characteristics of a contested divorce are as follows -

  • The partners do not have same opinion regarding the terms of the divorce
  • Lawyers have to litigate all the quarrelsome issues before the judge

Mediators and Kentucky divorce lawyers

In some counties in this state, prior to litigation of the case, mediation is mandatory. The process of mediation involves meeting of the two partners and their lawyers along with a mediator. The outstanding issues are discussed in these meetings. The mediator plays the role of a neutral third party and is trained for resolution of disputes. Any mediation is considered confidential. Both the partners can feel free to voice their concerns without any fear of damage to their case during the court case. It is the function of divorce lawyers to enable a fair settlement in mediation although the case may be very tough.

Collaborative divorce

The practice of collaborative divorce intends to solve the issues in divorce by means of cooperation between the partners rather than involving the court. In this sort of divorce, a team is formed consisting of divorcing partners, divorce lawyers, coach, and financial advisor. This team studies and deals with the unique requirements of the family undergoing a divorce. As collaborative divorce emphasizes on cooperation during the complete procedure, the clients frequently reach a better output rather than permitting vital decisions to be made by the judge.

Characteristics of collaborative divorce

  • in a collaborative divorce, both partners are ready to divorce with dignity
  • there is an ambiance supportive of cooperation and civil negotiation
  • at the end of this type of divorce, both the partners have an economical plan to deal with their future concerns
  • mental health professionals play the role of coaches during the divorce process
  • these coaches deal with the emotional concerns of the partners and create parenting plans for those who have children
  • collaborative divorce can be more exorbitant than a simple divorce due to the reason that several professionals are involved
  • the cost of a collaborative divorce can be predicted at the beginning

Preparation to meet a lawyer

  • Note down all the important aspects of your divorce case that you wish to discuss with the attorney
  • Make another list of questions that you need to ask the attorney. No matter how petite the question might appear to you, it is important to get all your doubts cleared
  • Photocopy all the documents that you would carry, when you will meet the lawyer
  • It is essential that you take care of the original documents that you carry along with you. It would be vital to place original documents in a separate folder or envelope

The Kentucky divorce lawyers must be having complete knowledge about the divorce laws in Kentucky, but it is important to understand the complexity of each client case. The divorce attorney should plan their approach towards each and every divorce case that they handle. The client and the lawyer need to discuss the divorce case in detail and make sure that they both are on common grounds before they actually start working on the divorce case.

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