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A divorcing person may face severe financial as well as emotional loss during the divorce process. It is important to get the guidance of a good divorce lawyer, to help one progress in the right direction during the divorce process. The divorce procedures are complicated and the divorcing person might not be able to understand them even if he or she has read or researched about it. The Maryland divorce lawyers will definitely be competent in divorce procedures and related process. Hence, it is an essential step in the divorce process to choose an appropriate knowledgeable divorce lawyer.

Advice for men by Maryland divorce lawyers

  • Store your valuables in a safe deposit box away from the house. Make a video tape or picture or list of the objects that are stored in this box
  • Make a list or video tape of all the objects in your house including jewelry, clothing, appliances, furnishings, and furniture and note down the date. If something is missing later, you have the evidence that it was present on the date, when you made the list or video tape
  • Fill the papers that are essential for the employer to stop the contributions to the 401(k) account or other pension plan. Also, stop contributing to the Individual Retirement Account. The reason of doing so is that retirement funds that are obtained during marriage are divided between the spouses by the divorce court
  • Minimize expenses as much as possible by canceling the cable television or the extra telephone line. Sell off personal property that you are not in need of. Give sufficient notice to your wife and children, if you desire to cut off their utilities
  • Till the divorce is final, do not drop the wife and children from the insurance policy. Till then, you are responsible for their medical bills. As per Federal Law, most employees have to pay a small additional premium to cover their spouses after the divorce for up to 36 months
  • Close all joint loan or credit accounts. Inform the necessary people by a certified return receipt letter that now you are not responsible for the expenses of your wife

Advice for women by Maryland divorce lawyers

  • Organize your economical documents to improve your possibility of success and decrease the attorney fees. Fill out the form financial statement that several courts have and submit it to the lawyer during the first discussion
  • Develop a positive outlook and do not be drawn into needless conflicts with the husband. Before the divorce is over, you require his signature on the settlement agreement and for years after the divorce, you will still be parents of the children
  • Do not isolate yourself from your friends. Exercise is a good method to be relieved from stress. Do not alter sleeping routines or skip meals. Maintain a "to do list" and calendar as it will help you to retain focus
  • Pay off the debts like student loans or credit cards as much as possible. Another point is to think about spousal support, identify the hurdles, and determine possible solutions
  • Create a divorce file like financial information, drafts of agreements, correspondence with the attorney and pleadings. The papers should be maintained neat and organized in files with brads and a two-hole punch
  • A divorce results in considerable amount of paperwork. In order to track all these, use a three ring binder and three hole punch. The papers must be arranged in chronological sequence and an index must be made
  • Maintain a divorce calendar specifying court deadlines, meetings with the lawyer, visitation dates

Divorce grounds managed by Maryland divorce lawyers are as follows:

  • Minimum one year of desertion before the actual filing of divorce
  • Adultery
  • Insanity
  • Staying apart and separate for at least two years
  • At least one year of voluntary separation before the filing of divorce
  • Conviction of felony (the defendant has served minimum 1 year of conviction and sentenced to a penal institution for at least three years)
  • Domestic violence or cruelty against the other spouse or the minor child of the petitioner

The Maryland divorce lawyers would definitely have thorough knowledge about handling divorce related issues. It is an important step during divorce to find a suitable divorce lawyers, who would be able to provide appropriate guidance and whose fees you will be able to afford. Researching about divorce lawyers in the state and setting an appointment with them for initial consultation is vital.

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