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When the legal marriage of any couple is on the verge of ending, they may opt for a divorce. Divorce process can cause emotional as well as financial trouble to the divorcing couple. To avoid additional turmoil, it becomes essential to choose the right divorce lawyer, who can understand your divorce case and provide proper guidance. From the divorce filing to the issues related to child custody, alimony, etc are looked after by the divorce attorney. But the most important aspect of getting the right assistance from the divorce lawyer would be to provide all the essential details of your divorce case to the lawyer. The Minnesota divorce lawyers need to provide necessary guidance to all their clients.

Type of cases handled by Minnesota divorce lawyer

  • Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements
  • Paternity cases inclusive of parenting time, child support, custody, and paternity testing
  • Domestic abuse inclusive of defending or securing against an order for protection
  • Spousal maintenance awards inclusive of enforcement, collection, and modification
  • Property and debt division inclusive of business ownership issues and high net worth
  • Child support issues inclusive of enforcement, collection, and support modification
  • Child custody disputes like post decree custody modification and out of state moves
  • Uncontested divorce inclusive of cases with or without minor children
  • Contested divorce inclusive of family court trials, appeals, and motions

Fees levied by a Minnesota divorce lawyer

A divorce lawyer may assist clients in an uncontested divorce and charge a relatively small amount like less than 2,000 USD. However, in case of a contested divorce, the fees have shot up to large amounts like more than 50,000 USD. Practically, it is not possible to guess how a specific case would progress and hence how much fees would be levied. It is a well known fact that more the parties are ready to be flexible and compromise, the case turns out to be less exorbitant. The lawyers usually work on an hourly basis. The final fees charged depends on factors like -

  • The judge allocated to the case
  • The county in which the case is being executed
  • The issues in controversy
  • The opposite lawyer

Duration of the case

An uncontested divorce case can usually be completed within 2 months. For a contested divorce case, the lawyers often require more than a year to try the case or reach a settlement. Unless the client decides to agree on all issues with the partner, the client should be prepared to devote minimum 12 months to the divorce case.

Advantages of hiring a lawyer

  • The lawyer can provide frank and unbiased advice regarding the case without becoming emotional. The lawyer can highlight the good and bad aspects of the case
  • The lawyer can suggest the client a host of resources that normally the client would not come across. As an example, the lawyer has ongoing relations with private investigators, experts in the fields of retirement and business valuations, custody evaluations, taxation, accounting, and real estate
  • The clients themselves are unable to practice law in the way the lawyers would be capable of
  • The lawyer would ask the client to get list of important documents that the client needs to submit or present during the legal divorce process. Hence, the client would not miss on providing any important document that would further delay the divorce process and add more stress to the client
Property division in this state

Most individuals believe that if an asset is titled in their partner's name, it belongs exclusively to the partner. However, as per the laws of this state, the situation is entirely different. The thumb rule is that no one holds title to the asset. What matters is the mode of asset acquisition. The property for which payments are done during a marriage is subjected to be divided between the parties. Non-marital property is an exception to this rule. The property which is brought into the marriage or which is attained by one partner as an inheritance or gift during the marriage is classified as non-marital property.

When the person thinks about getting a divorce, he or she should look for a divorce attorney. He or she would have to meet various Minnesota divorce lawyers. One need to first discuss his or her case with the attorney, check whether both of them are on the same ground with respect to divorce process and the other legal aspects related to it. It is vital to discuss the fee structure with the divorce attorney; whether he or she needs to be paid on hourly basis or they have some defined fees.

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