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The legal procedures followed during divorce cannot be easily understood by layman. Even if the person thinking about filing a divorce need to get all the information about divorce laws, as he or she would find it difficult to understand the complexity of legal words. Therefore, the role of a divorce lawyer is important in a divorce case. A divorcing person need to meet several Nebraska divorce lawyers before choose the divorce lawyer to represent them during the case hearing. When you hire the attorney, it is important to discuss their fees beforehand, so that one does not have to bear additional financial burden.

Basic requirements needed to approach a Nebraska divorce lawyers

The person who wishes to file a divorce must be a resident of the State of Nebraska for a span of more than one year prior to the date of filing the divorce. However, as soon as a person begins to stay in Nebraska, it is possible to file for legal separation and the divorce can be obtained later. Irrespective of what the person files for, the court has jurisdiction over the parenting issues and custody, the children must be living in this state for minimum 6 months. After the divorce is filed and jurisdiction over the spouse is obtained, there is a waiting period of sixty days after which the divorce may be granted.

Role of Nebraska divorce lawyers in case of protection order

In any divorce case, a very grave topic is of domestic violence. In this state, protection order actions are totally different from the divorce case. A partner who has filed a divorce petition must contact his divorce lawyer immediately if the partner thinks that there is a need of a protection order or if the partner receives a notice that a protection order has been issued against him or her. The judge who issues the protection order is allocated the divorce case. As per the protection order, one of the parties has to stay away from the victim's workplace and residence. Additionally, in a protection order process, the court has been given the authority to award custody. Considering all of the above, it seems essential that in a protection order action, the client should take advice of the divorce lawyer.

Seminar regarding child help

If the divorce case involves children, then the partner related to the divorce has to attend a seminar which explains how to help the children during the divorce process. The partner is not coerced to attend this seminar with the spouse. There is a need to attend one session only. During this seminar, the partner is questioned about mediation while forming a parenting plan. On the behalf of the partner, the lawyer may negotiate and create a parenting plan. Alternatively, a neutral lawyer or mediator can discuss the issue with the spouses and assist them in preparing a parenting plan. If in a particular divorce case, domestic violence is an issue, then it is not required to meet a mediator along with the spouse.

Period of the divorce case

The span of the divorce case is a major worry for both the parties. Initially, there is a waiting period of 60 days. Thereafter, the divorce may require a period of approximately 4 to 12 months. Generally, at the outset of the case, a temporary order is issued that considers temporary custody support and other aspects. After the judge signs the temporary order, the "Discovery" process begins. In course of this process, the lawyer asks questions to the opposite party regarding the parenting time, custody, assets, and other issues. This process continues for several months. As the process of settlement is managed meticulously, it needs considerable time.

Grounds for divorce in this state The acceptable divorce ground in this state is irreversibly breaking of marriage. The court will consider the factors that lead to irreversibly breakage of marriage and then find out whether reconciliation is possible between the divorcing couple or the marriage has irreversibly broken. Even if one of the divorcing partners thinks that the marriage has irreversibly broken, then the court considers the divorce case. The divorce attorney needs to guide their client in an appropriate manner, mentioning the factors that have affected to cause irreconcilable difference between them and their partner.

The Nebraska divorce lawyer's basic duty is to provide apt guidance to the client. It is very important for the attorney and the client to have a good understanding. The client needs to explain all the points related to their divorce case appropriately, while the divorce lawyer needs to grasp and understand the intricacy of the client's case.

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