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It is essential to find a good knowledgeable divorce lawyer to represent you during the divorce proceedings. The divorcing couple has to bear financial stress and a prolonged divorce procedure can add to the existing stress. Therefore, it is important for the client to research and find an excellent divorce attorney, who is able to understand the complications that may arise during the divorce process. Most Nevada divorce lawyers will be well-experienced in the legal field, but it is vital to find the right lawyer who can best represent you.

Process of contested divorce to be observed by Nevada divorce lawyer

  • The first step is to file a divorce complaint
  • The other party has 20 days to answer to this complaint
  • An early case conference is held. In this meeting, both the parties accede to the main case guidelines
  • The lawyers have to file a joint case conference report
  • Now, the discovery procedure starts. This step may require many months to complete depending on how complex the particular case is
  • A child custody evaluation is done, when children are involved and a recommendation is given to the court
  • Further, temporary orders are given regarding exclusive possession of marital residence, spousal support, lawyer's fees, visitation, child support, and custody
  • If there is a consensus between the parties regarding the various aspects of the divorce like spousal support, visitation, child support, child custody etc, then the case stands solved. The court enters a decree that reflects the agreement of both parties
  • When the parties cannot reach an agreement on their own, a trial is executed in the court. After the trial is complete, the terms of the divorce are detailed in the divorce decree entered by the court

Process of uncontested divorce to be observed by Nevada divorce lawyer

  • To ensure that both spouses accede on all aspects of the divorce
  • Both the spouses create a list of their assets and submit a joint petition for divorce
  • In this petition, the terms of their agreement are listed
  • A single law firm can represent both the partners and due to this the lawyer's fees to be paid by the spouses is reduced
  • The petition and decree are then filed
  • The divorce is usually finalized within a month
  • Sometimes, the judge may order a "short hearing" also called as "prove up hearing". This is done to get an assurance that both partners have understood the terms they have acceded to

Paternity lawsuits

A majority of paternity lawsuits are of mothers trying to prove that a particular person is the father of their child. The reasons for doing so are as follows -

  • Creating child support
  • Offering the child a consummate picture of its medical background
  • Forming a legal bond between the father and the child
  • Establishing a relation between the father and the child

In some paternity lawsuits, the father tries to prove that he is the parent of a particular child. The intent of doing so is to

  • Offer evidence that he is the father of the child
  • Create visitation rights

After paternity has been proved, the lawyer has to offer legal assistance in the below mentioned areas -

  • Alteration of existing court order
  • Negotiations and setting up of alterations in the parenting plan
  • Parental abduction of children
  • Irrespective of whether the children have primary or joint custody, they have to be relocated
  • Child support
  • Visitation rights
  • Child custody

How to select the most appropriate divorce lawyer?

  • One you decide that ending your legal marriage has become essential and you need to get a divorce, get as much information as possible about divorce laws in your state
  • Jot down essential points about divorce laws that you have not understood
  • Get information about good divorce attorneys from people who have recently divorced. You can even get such information from State Bar Council
  • Note down important points about your case and matters associated with your divorce such as alimony, child support, property division etc
  • Conduct an initial consultation with the lawyer before hiring him or her
  • Discuss the intricacies of your case with the attorney and check if the attorney is able to provided apt guidance
  • Discuss the lawyer's fees before you hire him or her to represent you

The Nevada divorce lawyers will definitely have complete knowledge related to divorce rules and regulation in the state. The divorce attorney needs to provide guidance to the client in such a way that the client gets appropriate results from the divorce trial.

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