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A divorce lawyer is an important part of the divorce process. A divorce attorney may be hired by the divorcing spouses to do the paper work or may be hired by any one of the spouses to represent him or her during the hearings. A divorcing couple may have several issues related to divorce such as property division, child custody, spousal support, child support etc. Therefore, the knowledge of a divorce attorney should be judged on these aspects of a divorce and then they should be hired by the client. The North Carolina divorce lawyers should not only possess experience about handling several divorce cases, but also be able to recognize the complications involved in the client's case.

Recommendations of North Carolina divorce lawyers

  • The lawyer can recommend a marriage counselor with whom you can have "divorce counseling". Alternatively, you can find out about a counselor from your religious, social, and employment contacts. Your spouse may or may not be with you, while speaking with the marriage counselor. Talk regarding what went wrong and how to cope up with the situation
  • Take possession of the assets that may be liquidated by your partner such as bearer bonds, cash, other collectibles, precious gems, and stones as well as the assets that you may use in the future like vehicles and furniture
  • In the Deeds office of the county in which you and / or your partners own real property, you should file a "Lis Pendens". A properly recorded and served Lis Pendens avoids the effective sale of the property without your knowledge. The requirements of Lis Pendens are mentioned in section 1-116 and the following sections of the North Carolina General Statutes
  • Procure an injunction that prohibits the spouse from disposing or transferring any property mentioned in the restraining order. If separate property belonging to you is possessed by your spouse, who refuses to return it to you, then your lawyer can use an injunction to help return this property to you
  • In North Carolina, admittance of extra marital affairs can have disastrous results. These affairs can result in a considerable amount of additional alimony payments. So, it is advised to reveal these extra marital affairs to your lawyer before speaking regarding those with anybody else
  • If you leave the house without a proper reason, it results in your inability to have alimony or may result in you having to pay alimony. Also, until the court divides the property, you may not be able to return to the house. Thus, it is recommended to reside in the house till you talk with the lawyer. In case the spouse becomes violent, take all essential steps for protection of yourself and the children

Selection of a North Carolina divorce lawyer

A referral roster of lawyers is maintained by the North Carolina State Bar, who are willing to offer consultation for a minimum fee. When you meet a lawyer mentioned in this list, it becomes possible to reach a lawyer who has the essential depth and experience to handle your u case. There exists a Family Law Section in the North Carolina Bar Association, which represents lawyers in the state who have interest in domestic relations law. This Bar Association sponsors some program like the pro bono volunteer lawyers program (VLP). Those lawyers, who have signed the VLP, might at times handle family law cases without charging any money. As a consequence, the VLP gets more requests that it can handle.

The courthouse personnel are observers of lawyers in action. Hence, they are a far more important source of information than the advertisements in the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory. When you visit the office of a lawyer, insist on a brochure that will provide important information regarding the way the firm works.

Legal divorce grounds that are handled by North Carolina divorce lawyers

  • Abandonment by any of the spouses
  • Addiction or excessive use of drugs or alcohol by any of the divorcing spouses
  • Cruelty or any act that has endangered the life other spouse
  • Adultery
  • Making the life of the other spouse burdensome and intolerable
  • One spouse remove the other spouse out of the house through malicious method
  • The spouses staying apart and separate for the period of one year
  • The spouses staying apart and separate for the duration of three or more consecutive years
  • The reason of staying separate would be incurable insanity of one of the spouses

The North Carolina divorce lawyers with several years of experience of handling divorce cases would be an appropriate lawyer to represent you during the case hearings, but it also important to have clear and good communication with the lawyer.

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