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The decision to end one's marriage by opting for divorce can be depressing for many. Along with this depression, facing divorce trials is another type of turmoil that most of the individuals face. For a layman, it would be difficult to understand the intricacies of divorce laws and related rules. A wrong action on the part of the divorcing person would lead to emotional and financial mess. Hence, it become extremely important to hire an appropriate divorce lawyer, you have the right experience of handling divorce cases like your case. Before you hire a divorce lawyer, it is vital to meet few Ohio divorce lawyers and discuss your case with them.

Areas of family law handled by Ohio divorce lawyer

  • Mediation
  • Paternity
  • Spousal support
  • Child support and visitation
  • Shared parenting
  • Uncontested divorce
  • Contested divorce
  • Dissolution of marriage

Divorce mediation by Ohio divorce lawyer

In divorce mediation, the husband and wife along with a neutral mediator sit for discussion in the same room. The mediator helps both of these regarding all the issues that are necessary to be resolved to get through the divorce. The fees of the mediator are based on an hourly rate and both the husband and wife have to pay the fees.

The decision to divorce raises several issues that are identified, negotiated, and resolved during divorce mediation. The role of the mediator is to establish a confidential ambiance, so that there is safety, while talking about emotional issues. The mediator assists the husband and wife to collect relevant information and review it systematically. It is observed that as compared to the court, a more creative solution is sometimes offered by the mediator. In divorce mediation, as the spouses themselves make the financial distribution plans and parenting agreements, there is more probability that the requirements of the whole family are met with.

Divorce mediation is confidential and flexible. It offers the spouses an opportunity to settle the conflict between them by such a method that assists them to collaborate after the divorce. It is the duty of the divorce mediator to represent a neutral stand between the spouses. The purpose is that the mediator cannot offer advice to either party. Moreover, the mediator cannot act as a lawyer for either party.

During the open session of mediation, the spouses try to accomplish certain objectives. The work of the mediator is to point out the facts that the spouses should be aware of while trying to meet these objectives.

Advantages of divorce mediation

  • The spouses are in control of their own divorce. Due to this, they can recover from their divorce and move ahead in their lives
  • There is less conflict as compared to an adversarial divorce
  • The legal expenditure is lesser as compared to a lawsuit which means the spouses have more money left with them
  • During and after the divorce, there is decreased hostility and tension between parents. In this way, the children are benefited
  • The spouses have enhanced understanding and improved communication skills regarding each other's concern due to which stress in post-divorce activities is reduced
  • The spouses get an opportunity to talk regarding emotional issues. They can include these issues, while making their decisions
  • As compared to lawsuit, mediation requires lesser time
  • The possibility of post-divorce conflict leading to court cases for additional cost is less
  • The spouses get a chance to control their own decisions

Divorce grounds looked after by Ohio divorce lawyers

In Ohio, the divorcing couple can get a divorce on the following grounds

  • Adultery
  • Habitual drunkenness
  • Incompatibility
  • Living apart and separate through mutual consent for a duration of one year
  • Neglect of any gross duty by one of the spouse
  • Abandonment by the spouse for a duration of at least one year
  • Fake contract
  • Any one of the spouse was already married at the time of marriage, which was unknown to the other spouse
  • When one of the spouse has procured divorce from other state, hence he or she is able to enjoy single status, while the other spouse does not
  • Imprisonment of one of the spouse in the federal or state correctional institute at the time of filing of complaint

The Ohio divorce lawyers that are suggested to you by other may possess several years of experience of managing divorce cases. But the important aspect of choosing the right divorce lawyer is to discuss your case completely with the lawyers, explain him or her about your expectations, then analyze whether the lawyer is able to provide guidelines.

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