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The divorcing couple might find it difficult to manage the financial as well as emotional stress during the divorce process. Therefore, finding a suitable lawyer from different Tennessee divorce lawyers is an important task. The Tennessee divorce lawyers need to understand the divorce laws as well as different issued related to it.

Grounds of divorce handled by Tennessee divorce lawyers

Fault grounds:

  • Residing apart and separate for 2 or more years
  • Refusal to offer support and home or abandonment
  • Life has become intolerable due to spouse
  • Inhuman and cruel treatment
  • Refusal of the move to Tennessee with a spouse and purposely remaining absent in the new residence for a period of 2 years
  • Conviction and / or commission of an infamous crime
  • Bringing the life of the spouse in danger
  • Bigamy
  • Willful desertion for a span of 1 year
  • Wife becomes pregnant due to another person at the time of marriage and husband is ignorant about this
  • Drug addiction and / or alcoholism
  • Conviction of a felony and imprisonment
  • Adultery
  • Impotence

No fault grounds:

  • Residing apart and separate in the absence of cohabitation for 2 years and there are no minor children
  • Irreconcilable differences or submission of an executed marital dissolution agreement
Pre-divorce advice by Tennessee divorce lawyer

  • Decrease the risk of your spouse enhancing the joint debt
  • Work towards increasing the credit rating and decrease the risk towards it
  • Analyze your own credit report and search out unknown debt obligations
  • Prior to transfer of money in and out of accounts, check with the lawyer
  • Increase assets of cash in your individual name

When a client approaches a lawyer for filing a divorce, the lawyer usually advises him to meet a marriage counseling in order to save the marriage. If at all the petition for divorce is filed, this gives rise to stress. Meaningful and sincere attempts to cope up with stress by means of exercise and nutrition would result in a positive effect on the physical and emotional distress. Lawyers collaborate with accountants, financial advisors, and counselors before offering advice to the client.

Prior to starting divorce proceedings, the client can opt for lawyer negotiation. In this state, "Marital Dissolution Agreement" is an informal procedure of exchange of settlement proposals between the 2 lawyers till a final agreement can be reached. The other method of lawyer negotiation is by mediation. If the attempts for settlement are successful, a binding contract is completed by both parties.

Initial steps in the divorce process

The divorce court case begins, when the complaint is filed. The person who files the complaint is referred to as a plaintiff. The complaint is also called as the petition for divorce. As per the laws in Tennessee, along with the complaint, the certificate of divorce must also be filed. Additionally, the clerk in the court issues a summons. When both the summons and the complaint are served to the other party, it can be said that the litigation has begun. Usually, in Memphis (Shelby County), Franklin (Williamson County) and Nashville (Davidson Country), the other party is served the complaint and summons by a private process server or the sheriff's deputy. A modern method is the use of email for serving. One lawyer can mail the lawsuit to an individual or another lawyer.

How to manage divorce lawyer fees?

During the divorce proceedings, one needs to bear lot of financial losses. Therefore, it is important to discuss the lawyer's fees before hiring the lawyer. Here are some important tips to manage divorce lawyers fees.

  • Discuss fees: Anyone may find it a bit odd to directly ask fees to the attorney. The divorce attorney's fees may vary as some attorney charge fees on an hourly basis, while others have other different fee structures
  • Sign an agreement: After discuss all the terms and conditions related to fees, one needs to sign the fees agreement. It is vital to keep all the details documented
  • Be disciplined and well-planned: Many clients calling up the attorney for any question. We need to understand that is important to value time. You should make a note of important points that you need to discuss with the lawyer. Plan your meeting as per the amount of details that you need to discuss
  • Do not hide any details: It is important to trust and have good communication with the client, so that the case does not gets extended and cause addition financial losses

The Tennessee divorce lawyers are expected to stay updated about law change related to divorce. Hence, one needs to take extra care, while choosing an appropriate divorce attorney.

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