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Almost 50% of the marriages in the U.S.A. end in a divorce. Along with divorce there are other legal troubles that one needs to deal with such as child support, property division, alimony, child custody, visitation rights etc. The divorcing person needs to perform an important task of meeting various Wyoming divorce lawyers and discuss his or her case with them, then select the most suitable one.

The divorce grounds that are managed by Wyoming divorce lawyers

When a couple decides to file a divorce case, they need to understand the ground under which they would file the papers. It is the job of the attorney to provide apt guidance of choosing the suitable divorce grounds. The divorce grounds acceptable in the state are -

  • Incurable Insanity
  • Irreconcilable differences

Child custody factors and Wyoming divorce lawyers

The divorce lawyers in this state prepare the case keeping in mind that the court will consider the following factors while making a decision regarding visitation and child custody -

  • The present mental and physical capacity of each parent to take care of the child
  • Geographic distance between the residences of the parents
  • The willingness and capacity of each parent to respect the other parent's responsibilities and rights, including the right to privacy
  • The mode in which each child and parent communicate and interact with each other and how this condition can be enhanced
  • The mode in which each child and parent can reinforce a relation with each other
  • The willingness of each parent to accept all responsibilities of parenting, inclusive of a willingness to care for the child at specific moments and to abandon care to the other parent at specific moments
  • The relative fitness and competency of each parent
  • Each parent's capacity to offer sufficient care for the child during the period of responsibility inclusive of the arrangement of the child's care by others if required
  • The quality of the relation every child has with the parents

Child support factors to be considered by the lawyers

  • If any parent is underemployed or voluntarily unemployed
  • If any parent has violated any terms of the divorce decree
  • The relative financial condition and net income of the parents
  • The necessary expenses for the benefit of the child
  • The amount of time for which the child is with either parent
  • The capacity of the parents to offer the child health insurance through employment benefits
  • Visitation transportation costs
  • Any pregnancy expenditures
  • The value of services contributed by either parent
  • The responsibility of either parent for supporting other
  • The educational and special health care needs of the child
  • The total expenditure for essential childcare
  • The age of the child

The court may order either parent to pay child support. The process may involve appointment of a trustee to invest the payments of the parents and use the income for the support of the children. It may be ordered to pay child support payments through the clerk of the district court. In order to guarantee child support payments, the court may order income withholding.

Property division

In this state, generally, the parties sign a "Marital Settlement Agreement" to settle the property and debt issues. Alternatively, the district court orders and decrees the property award in the decree of divorce.

The state is called as an equitable distribution state. If the parties cannot reach an agreement on their own, the district court takes the following steps -

  • Initially, the discovery process takes place and it is decided that which debt and property is to be regarded as marital
  • A monetary value is assigned on the debt and marital property
  • The marital assets are divided in an equitable fashion. Equitable does not indicate equal, but in a manner that is considered to be fair by the court

Divorce attorneys fees

  • The divorce lawyer's fees cannot be predicted. It depends upon the complexity of the case, the time spent, the experience of the lawyer, the labor required etc.
  • Most lawyers would charge on an hourly basis, the client and the lawyer have to discuss the fees and sign an agreement so there are no discrepancies later
  • The lawyer may charge a fix amount of fees in case of an uncontested divorce
  • Some divorce lawyers do charge for the initial consultation

The Wyoming divorce lawyers would help their clients with the divorce filing, processing, and other related issues such as property division, child custody, spousal support, child support, visitation etc.

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